Welcome to your regional energy agency in West Sweden!

Energikontor Väst is the regional energy agency of West Sweden and a part of Innovatum Science Park.


The agency leads and takes an active part in projects on a regional, national and European level.

The projects promote sustainable energy, renewables and energy efficiency in all sectors, in both technology and market development, as well as innovation management and regional coordination and support within sustainable energy and climate.

We have long experience of European projects and international collaboration.

Target Group

The main target groups are the 49 municipalities in West Sweden (with about 1,7 million inhabitants), regional authorities and the market actors. We are also regional coordinator for initiatives within the areas of: biogas, solar energy, wind power, energy efficiency and electrification (grid, supply, storage, EV charging infrastructure, flexibility solutions…).

Being part of the regional structure of innovation intermediaries and Science Parks, the energy agency strives to interlink innovation actors and actions with the public and private sector to boost the transition towards a fossil-free and sustainable energy system.

Within the Science Park as well as the energy agency, we have a lot of regional contacts, cooperations and networks with both leading larger industries, SMEs, and the public sector. Together with partners within research and development we identify, initiate, and implement strategic actions to strengthen industrial development and sustainable development, for example within the energy and building sectors.

We are part of international collaboration, for example FEDARENE. 

FEDARENE is the premier European network of regional and local organisations which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate energy and environment policies. Regional and local agencies, regional governments and departments working in these fields, are represented in FEDARENE.


Contact us

  • Carina Nowak

    Carina Nowak

    Work Title: Business Manager Energy
    Mobile Number: +46 79 098 60 04
  • Peter Berg

    Peter Berg

    Work Title: Innovation Manager
    Phone Number: +46 520 28 93 19
    Mobile Number: +46 76 948 83 93
  • Magnus Kuschel

    Magnus Kuschel

    Work Title: Innovation Manager
    Mobile Number: +46 72 747 25 07
  • Rickard Waern

    Rickard Waern

    Work Title: Innovation Manager
    Phone Number: +46 520 28 94 68
    Mobile Number: +46 704 32 24 84